Washington Shotokan Association
Teaching traditional martial arts since 1973
Regular Schedule

Bellevue Main Dojo
4:00 PM Kinderkarate
4:30 PM Youth White and Yellow Belts
5:30 PM Youth Color Belts

Bellevue Main Dojo
12:00 PM Adult General
6:30 PM Adult Beginner/General
Youth Advance
7:30 PM Black & Brown Belts
1st Monday - Black Belts only!

Welcome to WSA
New Website
After almost twenty years this website will be retiring from service as of June 30th. Please use the link below to access the new WSA website. Thank you!

Jul 23 Sat Youth Color Belt Exam
9:00 am

Youth Introductory Offer
4 Weeks of Karate Lessons and Official Karate Uniform! Boys and Girls 4 to 11 years old. Discover the wonderful difference Karate can make in your childs life! More

Adult Introductory Offer
4 Weeks of Karate Lessons and Complete Official Karate Uniform More
Sensei André Dulce, formerly of Honolulu, Hawaii, was chosen by the Karate Association of Hawaii to establish a branch in the state of Washington. Washington Shotokan Association (WSA) was founded in 1973 and currently headquarters in Bellevue with branches throughout the greater Seattle area. More...
Sensei Neil Nathanson, 5th Degree Black Belt, My goal when I started karate was simple. I was wondering what a “traditional” martial art was like, and I decided to take karate just for the summer to see what it was like. That was 47 years ago... Read more about Neil and other WSA instructors on our instructors page.
Sensei Richard Garcia, 4th Degree Black Belt
Sensei Garcia has been training at WSA since 1986. He currently teaches the Youth Green Belt Preparation class and the Adult General Class on Tuesdays at the Bellevue Dojo.
Read more about Richard and other WSA instructors on our instructors page.
WSA is more then learning about martial arts. It is great exercise, builds confidence, teaches respect, a place to meet great people and new friends. We are a family that trains together!
Interested in joining WSA?
"Karate-do" translated literally means "empty-hand ways". It is an art passed through generations and cultures for the purpose of self-defense, physical fitness, and improvement of character. more...
Iaido, the way of the sword, is a martial art form that began as an off-shoot of kenjutsu. It was developed as a defensive method to counter surprise attacks and enemy raids in fifteenth and sixteenth century Japan. The purpose of iaido was to slay an opponent with one stroke of the sword immediately after unsheathing it. More...

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