Washington Shotokan Association

Sensei André Dulce, formerly of Honolulu, Hawaii, was chosen by the Karate Association of Hawaii to establish a branch association in the state of Washington. Washington Shotokan Association (WSA) was founded in 1973 and currently headquarters in Bellevue with branches throughout the greater Seattle area.

Under the leadership of Sensei Dulce, the WSA is dedicated to excellence and to the maximum developmental potential of each member, regardless of age, sex, and physical aptitude. The primary objective of the school is to pursue Shotokan Karate in its purest form, encompassing both the intellectual and physical aspects of the art.

Unlike some other karate schools, WSA keeps a low profile and a very friendly open door policy, refraining from activities such as special effects, promotions and a ‘trophy in window’ attitude. The school is mainly noted for its friendly but serious atmosphere while training, thus giving each student a real sense of belonging and making each new student feel very comfortable.

Instruction is offered for all ages and ability levels from the beginner to the highest level.

Training Facility
WSA offers one of the largest training karate dojos in the state of Washington. Its 6100 sq. ft. dojo offers:
3600 sq. ft. floating oak training floor with wall to ceiling mirrors and stretch bars.
Makiwara board (traditional karate punching board)
Stretching room
Separate dressing rooms with showers for men and women
Separate classes for advanced, intermediate, and beginners for both youth and adults.
A free trial class for potential students with no obligation to join!